The Graduate Assistant Project: Want a Wage?

How much do we make, anyway?

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The Graduate Assistant Project

Greetings Fellow Graduate Assistants (MA and PhD):

I’ve been inspired by The Adjunct Project to gather data on the stipends and tuition grants as well as the duties for graduate assistants. I have wanted to do this for years – but – well – I needed inspiration. Now I’ve gotten it.

I am currently a PhD graduate assistant and quite happy with what I am doing. I would like to know more about others – and would like to see a networked effort to examine our stipends and benefits. Many GAs (or GAs or TAs)  function as as adjuncts (without a lot of preparation) and many as research associates, providing lower-priced services as opposed to an adjunct, additional office support, or research assistance. I believe it would be interesting to learn more about how this works wherever you may be.

Please get the form via the url  and enter your information.

I will be making the results public.  I’d like to have your comments and ideas. This is about and for GAs – so let me know what you are thinking!

Here is the link for the spreadsheet.

If no one has said so lately, thanks for all you do.

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