The Graduate Assistant Project: Want a Wage?

How much do we make, anyway?

What’s Up


I was recently contacted by a reporter for the Chronicle of Higher Education to talk about the project. What I hope to accomplish is to gather data in support of my own research interests and to provide insight into the types of tuition and stipends, along with responsibilities for the “typical” graduate assistant  (if there is such a person).  This information is available to all and is without agenda, although it would be helpful to have the information in order to assist students with decisions and possibly to assist administrators with understanding how GAs are compensated nationwide. It is an ongoing problem due to time constraints and lack of inter-university communication networks to share this information. With forums such as The Adjunct Project (and others, which I would like to see consolidated) we can correct this informational – I won’t say divide – but inadvertent Balkanization.

As more GAs, RAs and TAs are asked to accept some of the duties of faculty, it is also of interest to faculty  and adjuncts to have such information.

Please feel free to comment, share your thoughts, and request adaptations.  I would like this to be a shared space.






2 responses to “What’s Up

  1. sciencegrad March 22, 2012 at 2:06 am

    I found out about this project from the Chronicle article, but am unable to enter my info into the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet opens in view only mode for me, regardless of whether I am logged in to my Google account or not.

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