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Why we’re looking at Graduate Assistant Payscales

A friend related to The Adjunct Project

(which you should have a look at), and The Adjunct Project Spread Sheet and Info Gathering site – just like this – but for adjuncts.

recommends that I share the following: AFT Releases New Report on Academic Workforce – this is from 2009 – but as I understand it still very relevant. The first still deals mainly with adjuncts – which some of you may be.

The other one is: The Disappearing Tenure-Track Job – from Inside Higher Ed – also 2009.  This one is scary. Scroll down to the table – and look at the percentages that are increasing.

In case you can’t get to the article – here’s the table:

Distribution of Teaching Positions in Higher Education, 1997 and 2007

Job Type 1997 2007
All Institutions
–Full time, tenured or tenure track 33.1% 27.3%
–Full time, non-tenure track 14.2% 14.9%
–Part time 34.1% 36.9%
–Graduate assistants 18.6% 20.9%
Public doctoral granting universities
–Full time, tenured or tenure track 34.1% 28.9%
–Full time, non-tenure track 14.1% 14.4%
–Part time 14.3% 15.8%
–Graduate assistants 37.5% 41.0%
Public four-year colleges and universities
–Full time, tenured or tenure track 51.0% 39.0%
–Full time, non-tenure track 9.0% 10.9%
–Part time 33.6% 43.9%
–Graduate assistants 5.7% 6.3%
Public community colleges
–Full time, tenured or tenure track 20.6% 17.5%
–Full time, non-tenure track 13.4% 13.8%
–Part time 64.7% 68.6%
–Graduate assistants 1.2% 0.0%
Private doctoral-granting universities
–Full time, tenured or tenure track 34.9% 29.2%
–Full time, non-tenure track 17.3% 17.9%
–Part time 29.9% 31.3%
–Graduate assistants 17.9% 21.6%
Private four-year colleges and universities
–Full time, tenured or tenure track 39.3% 29%
–Full time, non-tenure track 15.6% 17.2%
–Part time 42.3% 52.2%
–Graduate assistants 2.9% 1.6%

Checking up…

So I’m checking back for the upteenth time to see if anyone has filled in the form. Hooray – one entry.  If you have access to elists where grad students hang out, please post a link to this blogsite. Note, you can now also view the spreadsheet as well as fill in the form.

Hoping to have some good info – if the Adjunct Project can do it – so can we!


The Graduate Assistant Project

Greetings Fellow Graduate Assistants (MA and PhD):

I’ve been inspired by The Adjunct Project to gather data on the stipends and tuition grants as well as the duties for graduate assistants. I have wanted to do this for years – but – well – I needed inspiration. Now I’ve gotten it.

I am currently a PhD graduate assistant and quite happy with what I am doing. I would like to know more about others – and would like to see a networked effort to examine our stipends and benefits. Many GAs (or GAs or TAs)  function as as adjuncts (without a lot of preparation) and many as research associates, providing lower-priced services as opposed to an adjunct, additional office support, or research assistance. I believe it would be interesting to learn more about how this works wherever you may be.

Please get the form via the url  and enter your information.

I will be making the results public.  I’d like to have your comments and ideas. This is about and for GAs – so let me know what you are thinking!

Here is the link for the spreadsheet.

If no one has said so lately, thanks for all you do.

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