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How much do we make, anyway?


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Long Absence

Hi all:

I hope you will continue to post info to this site.  I’ve been away for a long time due to a number of school-related and health issues – all better – well mostly!

Look forward to hearing from you!


What’s Up


I was recently contacted by a reporter for the Chronicle of Higher Education to talk about the project. What I hope to accomplish is to gather data in support of my own research interests and to provide insight into the types of tuition and stipends, along with responsibilities for the “typical” graduate assistant  (if there is such a person).  This information is available to all and is without agenda, although it would be helpful to have the information in order to assist students with decisions and possibly to assist administrators with understanding how GAs are compensated nationwide. It is an ongoing problem due to time constraints and lack of inter-university communication networks to share this information. With forums such as The Adjunct Project (and others, which I would like to see consolidated) we can correct this informational – I won’t say divide – but inadvertent Balkanization.

As more GAs, RAs and TAs are asked to accept some of the duties of faculty, it is also of interest to faculty  and adjuncts to have such information.

Please feel free to comment, share your thoughts, and request adaptations.  I would like this to be a shared space.





Why we’re looking at Graduate Assistant Payscales

A friend related to The Adjunct Project

(which you should have a look at), and The Adjunct Project Spread Sheet and Info Gathering site – just like this – but for adjuncts.

recommends that I share the following: AFT Releases New Report on Academic Workforce – this is from 2009 – but as I understand it still very relevant. The first still deals mainly with adjuncts – which some of you may be.

The other one is: The Disappearing Tenure-Track Job – from Inside Higher Ed – also 2009.  This one is scary. Scroll down to the table – and look at the percentages that are increasing.

In case you can’t get to the article – here’s the table:

Distribution of Teaching Positions in Higher Education, 1997 and 2007

Job Type 1997 2007
All Institutions
–Full time, tenured or tenure track 33.1% 27.3%
–Full time, non-tenure track 14.2% 14.9%
–Part time 34.1% 36.9%
–Graduate assistants 18.6% 20.9%
Public doctoral granting universities
–Full time, tenured or tenure track 34.1% 28.9%
–Full time, non-tenure track 14.1% 14.4%
–Part time 14.3% 15.8%
–Graduate assistants 37.5% 41.0%
Public four-year colleges and universities
–Full time, tenured or tenure track 51.0% 39.0%
–Full time, non-tenure track 9.0% 10.9%
–Part time 33.6% 43.9%
–Graduate assistants 5.7% 6.3%
Public community colleges
–Full time, tenured or tenure track 20.6% 17.5%
–Full time, non-tenure track 13.4% 13.8%
–Part time 64.7% 68.6%
–Graduate assistants 1.2% 0.0%
Private doctoral-granting universities
–Full time, tenured or tenure track 34.9% 29.2%
–Full time, non-tenure track 17.3% 17.9%
–Part time 29.9% 31.3%
–Graduate assistants 17.9% 21.6%
Private four-year colleges and universities
–Full time, tenured or tenure track 39.3% 29%
–Full time, non-tenure track 15.6% 17.2%
–Part time 42.3% 52.2%
–Graduate assistants 2.9% 1.6%

Checking up…

So I’m checking back for the upteenth time to see if anyone has filled in the form. Hooray – one entry.  If you have access to elists where grad students hang out, please post a link to this blogsite. Note, you can now also view the spreadsheet as well as fill in the form.

Hoping to have some good info – if the Adjunct Project can do it – so can we!


The Graduate Assistant Project

Greetings Fellow Graduate Assistants (MA and PhD):

I’ve been inspired by The Adjunct Project to gather data on the stipends and tuition grants as well as the duties for graduate assistants. I have wanted to do this for years – but – well – I needed inspiration. Now I’ve gotten it.

I am currently a PhD graduate assistant and quite happy with what I am doing. I would like to know more about others – and would like to see a networked effort to examine our stipends and benefits. Many GAs (or GAs or TAs)  function as as adjuncts (without a lot of preparation) and many as research associates, providing lower-priced services as opposed to an adjunct, additional office support, or research assistance. I believe it would be interesting to learn more about how this works wherever you may be.

Please get the form via the url  and enter your information.

I will be making the results public.  I’d like to have your comments and ideas. This is about and for GAs – so let me know what you are thinking!

Here is the link for the spreadsheet.

If no one has said so lately, thanks for all you do.

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